Viale Italia

PROGRAM: Residential

YEAR: 2017

STATUS: Under construction

CLIENT: Edilquattro Srl

TEAM: arch. Luca Fornaroli

This new residential complex, composed of four units, will be realized in a excellent area of Fano City, Italy.

The intervention is inspired by the remarkable residences around, trying to distinguish trough an architectural accentuation of the qualities of the environment.

The first asset of the environment that define quality and identity is the verdurous boulevard of Viale Italia. An urban green that reduces the negative effects of the traffic, of the summer temperatures and makes nice the whole urbanisation.


Viale Italia Logo

Viale Italia Logo – sketch made by Luca Fornaroli arch. (c)

The will of the architectural project is to amplify this characteristic given by the Avenue.

It is composed by three levels from the ground, underlined by a terrace system, that, on the road side, divides the facades in stripes more and more slimmer and, on the opposite side, they define a progressive volumetric retraction.

These stripes (on the road side) will provide external covered spots on the avenue, but also will be acoustic and visual filters in order to improve privacy and comfort inside.

This effect will be amplified by the green integrate in the facades. Trees will grow on all the levels through vases tall as the terrace balustrades.

The solution, to use the green as a scenery flat, allows to give a “garden” on all the levels and not only on the ground level apartments, as usually happens. Giving a benefit on the air quality, psycho-physical wellbeing of the users, but also compensating the additional waterproof surfaces of the new building.

While the north, east and west sides are wrapped up by this fan of balustrades and brise soleil, the south side tends to open with wide windows on the daytime rooms. Anyway, we secure these glass openings with the sun-protection of the terraces’ eaves.
The different levels’ volumes, rising up, they also move away from the building in front, this has allowed to offer generous paved outdoor spaces both covered and not, where it will be possible to put tables, chairs and chaise-lounge and cultivate a small hanging garden.

Such solutions, besides being a compositional and functional one, make energy consumption more efficient. This, together with the state-of-the-art equipment, will secure to the A energy class the building.

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