Mons Maior Stadium

PROGRAM: Sport facility

YEAR: 2016

STATUS: Completed

CLIENT: Municipality of Montemaggiore

TEAM: Eng. Giulia Valentini, arch. Luca Fornaroli

The project involves the sports facility in Villanova, precisely the Special Maintenance Renovation and energy Efficiency improvement of the grandstand with annexes services of Villanova football field. The building is owned by the municipality of Montemaggiore in Metauro.


Criteria used for design choices

The project involves a set of works that aim to improve energy efficiency of the structure and globally retrain through the rehabilitation of deteriorated parts and the integration of functional and architectural elements.The criteria adopted for the design are guided by the purpose of preserving the existing building, restoring functionality through maintenance, in addition providing a new comfort: better energy efficiency through integration of technological systems and installation of outdoor cantilever roof.
The territorial inclusion of the project is favored by the context of the sport: the only new element is the metallic structure cantilever roof, having the basic profile outlined by the functional elements that compose it (pillars adjacent to the front elevation of the stands on a regular score and cantilevered beams that support the thin roof package) well joins the other sports facilities, by the same tribunes to the pressure switch structure cover of the nearby tennis court.
A cantilever roof will be installed in the good coverage of the steps with the threefold purpose of protection the below structure from the weather, the placement of solar thermal and photovoltaic installation on the roof , obtaining more comfort for the users / viewers present during the sporting events.


  • Mons Maior Stadium

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