ARCHINEERING is the combinations of different worlds.
The different disciplines that we love and we work with.



ARCHINEERING is a virtual organisation of ambitious professionals that want to collaborates to create realistic high quality designs, with the objectives to answer to the questions of today and tomorrow.





We believe that only issue that unites all the projects and a sense of the workings today is sustainability in all its different connotations.

Human activities are so developed that it is without sense to build, if not bringing significant added value to the area and all stakeholders. Time, energy, health values are so important today than before employees need to be a very solid justification, are the basis of every economic system, their depletion leads to the collapse.

A sustainable design means to find the best compromise between development and use of resources, for this to happen effectively it is necessary to put everything in the system and check the effect of each element integrated with the others.

Although the strategies is possible make a list, ithey work synergistically in the specific case of the project only using different approaches and adapting them to different circumstances. This means in primis in analysis, understanding and empathy with the place and its characteristics. In secundis that intuition and the ability to imagine better and possible scenarios becomes a quality ever more necessary.







Office designStudio Tecnico Associato, Via Carbonara n.26 – 61030 – Montemaggiore al Metauro (PU)


eng. Alessandra Jo Giardini

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geom. Luigi Gaggiottini


eng. Federico Gaggiottini