PROGRAM: Eco-resort

YEAR: 2015

STATUS: Under costruction

CLIENT: Dalghiaș Development s.r.l.

TEAM: Dalghiaș Development s.r.l., Building the FutureMunicipality of Vama BuzâuluiLuca Fornaroli, eng. Giulia Valentini, arch. Pieter Jan Van Hasselt, arch. Horatiu Radu, eng. Alessandra Jo Giardini, iAdvise real estate

Valley21 project speaks to the tradition of living with nature in an ancient landscape and ancient way of life fiew kilometers far from the city of Brașov, it will be the first truly ecology friendly second home complex in Romania, with a unique condominium concept.
That’s a place where people can seek privacy in their homes with their family, or take part in the community of owners to share good time or share common governance over the space of their Valley.
Valley21, through its executing company, Dalghiaș Development srl., is sponsoring a process that will lead to a new strategic plan for the municipality of Vama Buzâului, to be approved by the mayor and council in 2016.
The plan is about marketing of the location, it is about ensuring that people will actually gain from the development through higher prosperity and grass roots empowerment.
For millennia Valley21 has been landscaped by nature and flocks of sheep. This has formed a new ecology and shaped a park like environment with meadows and patches of forest.
The masterplan follows what we found, a landscape formed by the symbiosis of mankind and nature.



The design of a Masterplan is the result of the complexity. But the complexity is not the result, just the starting point.
Our general approach is to condense all the informations that we have in a conceptual work, an operation that try to bring all the aspects to the aesthetic level. Paint as parametric line leads the design, strengthens the decision in one vision.



And if from one side there are numbers, costs and technical issues to solve. On the other there are the characterization, landscape details, lifestyles, qualities that we want to bring. All the elements were never taken compartmentalized by the decision team and the design team together. In fact the Masterplan follows the guidelines inside the Joint Venture agreement between Dalghiaș Development srl. and the Municipality of Vama Buzâului, in which is required to split the realisation and the use of the land in different expansions phases, the first is foundational and preparatory for the next two. It is not a case if the main areas of the development of the Masterplan are the 3 meadows embraced by the forest.


  • Existing landscape


This strategy was choosen also to a lower scale, defining groups of dwelling in clusters with the objective to reduce the number of gravel roads, optimize the infrastructures and gives just the pros factor of the Neighborhood Unit always mantaining the same high privacy, having almoust 1000sqm around of each dwelling.





Terra House is one of the two typologies chosen to be a landmark for the Valley. We have not investigated just a shape a facade that could fit in a pristine landscape. Everytime, step by step, we put in the center of the concept the individual and his surrounding. The design wants to achive the total and constant perception of the landscape as if you were on outside, with the sun, rain and snow. But without sacrificing comfort and well-being.
In order to transform this feeling in architecture, the house is partly built into the earth, the earth which can give also protection from extremely temperature, as climatic strategy.






Solis HouseI has the same concept foundation as the Terra House, but with this typology we want to offer the opportunity to the potential clients, to have a two level house, with a second floor designed into a recognizable iconic shape, totally out of the earth and a ground floor sleeping area integrated into the natural slopes, with a free facade looking into the landscape.



The upper volume is like a telescope oriented to catch the best view and privacy condition.
The design is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional shepard houses,as for the material, using wood for structure and coating, and for shape.
The link with the tradition coexist with a modern sense of living the domestic space underlined from the outside by wide glass openings.



The Solis House was chosen as “first prototype house” and is built and it is operative. It has also obtained the “Green Homes” certification released by the Romania Green Building Council, for its low energy consumptions but also for the eco-friendly material used, healthy for the end users.






The Hospitality Center is a meeting place, a place that needs to surprise, inspires the visitors who come there for the first time and all the costumers of Valley21.
In the Hospitality Center you can have experience of landscape, nature and water,local food and production, sound, music, theater, land art.


Hospitality Center | Main building interior

Hospitality Center | Main building interior


The HC area is organized as a village, a cluster made by three clear volumes – watching three different directions, hugged by a common path.
The result is a hierarchy of volumes that creates an open common area, iconic sign on the land, clearly unique.
All the paths create a promenade into the nature, suggesting a particular relation and activity with the surroundings and the buildings.



Starting as simple extension of the internal activities (like the terrace of the cafè), the signs of the catwalks become independent external functions, like natural pools,pergolas, and an open air theater resting on the slope.
The rhomboidal shapes of the main volumes are pure,monolithic geometry into the pristine landscape, which underline the view to the river,optimize the solar captation, invite the guests to the wide terraces and to the internal spaces.










Earth House type I – A love story for a design

The design of the dwelling has a long story of prototypes with different number of rooms, footprints, construction systems, facades and materials. But always with a heartfelt feeling of connectedness with the place.



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