PROGRAM: Thesis of Master Graduation in Building Engineering and Architecture

YEAR: 2012-2013

RELATOR: Prof. Eng. Placido Munafò

CORRELATORS: Prof. Eng. Fabrizio Davì, Eng. Francesca Stazi

AUTHOR: Eng. Giulia Valentini

The thesis addresses the issue of verification and detailed design of a modular light system in steel and glass ceiling, with bearing frame made with tensegrity technology.
The main objective is the proposition and validation of a modular, innovative, light slab which wants to investigate tensegrity systems for common using in construction and with the following characteristics:

– Lightness and transparency
– Small height (max. 40 cm)
– Ease of transport
– Modularity
– Easy to build up
– Versatility
– Esthetic value
– Economic than equivalent structures




The spatial pattern is made up of compression members (struts) enclosed within a double grid elements in tension (tense double layer grid). The structural analysis was carried out through a finite element program (FEM) that has yielded promising results in terms of deformations and displacements under static conditions. The project of the construction detail of the nodes, has been tackled through an iterative process of editing and checking the shape to optimize sections.







Tensegrity slab – Installation phases