PROGRAM: Residential

YEAR: 2010

STATUS: Design

CLIENT: Private

TEAM: Luca Fornaroli, Alessandra Jo Giardini, Intermed Casali

OTHER INFO: Selling office

2villas is the project of 2 twins villas designed for families who want to spend a comfortable life in the rural area of Fano.

In its external figurative immediacy is hidden the inner complexity of the housing.

The project consists in a rectangular stone foundation, which has been subverted from inside with new spatiality as courts and open spaces with the dual views. Nature is incorporated in the enclosure of the house becoming a whole and the natural extension of the intimate and daily living.

If the basement looks vernacular from outside the top level it is an abstract glass case which maximizes the visual relationship in a single glance with the marine, hilly and mountainous landscape of Marche.

The interior has been designed as a path of gradual adaptation to the green: a long corridor where to undress from chaos and neuroses of everyday, a first patio, a first contact with an artificial nature, then immediately usable and finally, over a scale a crystal box for a total contemplation of the place.
Nature is the ingredient and is progressively used with different perspectives: garden, extension of stay, more or less small patios, terraces, roof gardens. The result is the simultaneous introversion and openness of the house and placing the client to the many different possibilities and conditions of daily life.

  • garden view

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